Bringing the Right Travel Documents:

Maneuvering Airport Procedures:

Most airlines have a fee for checked bags and some for even carry-on bags. Sun n Beach Travel strongly suggests that you check with the airline you are traveling on as to what their rules are for checked and carryon bags are. Airline rules vary as far as size, weight and number of bagsallowed. Also each airline has their own fee structure.Lap children who did not pay for a seat and are under the age of two are not allowed to check a bag. You should never put cash, valuables, medications, fragile items, important documents and cameras in your checked luggage. Always carry them with you.

Some TSA procedures vary by airport. You may have to take off your shoes, coats and remove your lap tops into a screening bin. You can carry liquids, gels and aerosols in your carry-on bags only if they are less than 3.4 ounces and stored in a 1 quart size zip-top bag.Only one zip-top bag is allowed per person and must be placed in the screening bin. You can carry empty water bottles and fill them after you have gone through TSA.

TSA has new security measures at some overseas airports with direct flights to the U.S. Travelers who plan to carry on electronic devices, including cell phones, may be required to turn them on at security. Devices that do not power on may not be permitted on board. Travelers should make sure that their devices are fully charged.

For further information go to

The FAA has issued “Hazardous Materials Restrictions” effective as of Jan. 1, 2015 – Federal law forbids the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your luggage or on your person. A violation can result in five years’ imprisonment and penalties of $250,000 or more (49 U.S.C. 5124). Hazardous materials include explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials. Examples: Paints, lighter fluid, fireworks, tear gases, oxygen bottles, and radio-pharmaceuticals. There are some exceptions for small quantities (up to 70 ounces total) of medicinal and toilet articles carried in your luggage and certain smoking materials in your carry-on.

Once you are boarded some countries require that the plane be insecticide sprayed. Some times this is done before you board. For further information please go to

Once you arrive at your destination you will have to go through immigration and then pick up your luggage and go through customs. Once you are cleared proceed outside to where your Apple or Amstar representative will be waiting for you. They will be wearing blue shirts that have flowers on the hem of the sleeve and waste. They will instruct you as to which shuttle bus you are to get on for your transfer to your hotel. All Apple packages include your transfers on a shared bus that can make a stop before you get to your hotel. You can purchase nonstop or private transfers with any package. The rep on the transfer bus will invite you to a welcome briefing at your hotel. Be sure to attend because you will be given local tips, excursion recommendations and you will get instructions regarding your departure transfer.

For your departure for home,the Apple Vacations representative will instruct you as to when you will be picked up for your transfer to the airport. The check in procedure works pretty much the same way as it did on your departure.

On your return to the US you will have to go through immigration and customs. You will need your passport for immigration. Customs currently allows an $800.00 per person value of goods that you can bring in duty free from most countries ($1600.00 for the US Virgin Islands). Save receipts for purchases that you made. Certain items you cannot bring in like fruits, vegetable, meat. For further information go to

If you need assistance as far as needing a wheelchair at the airport we can request on for you but please let us know in advance. However the airlines will not guarantee that the airport will have one available.

Hotel Information:

Most of the resorts (but not all) that Apple Vacations and Sun n Beach Travel sell are all inclusive, meaning that all your meals, drinks (non- alcoholic and alcoholic), non-motorized water sports, activities, entertainment, hotel taxes and service charges are all included in your resort price. When you book a hotel EP or European Plan they do not include meals or drinks. All-inclusive or EP refers to your hotel package and does not mean that your air fare is included that is called a vacation package. A vacation package will also include your round trip transfer from the airport and back.

Almost all of the hotels will charge you a single supplement if there is only one person in the room, since the pricing is usually based on double occupancy. Children under the age of 13 (at time of travel) can get a child rate or sometimes are even free at the resort as long as there are two paying adult people in the room. Children under the age of two(at time of travel) are free in the room and we can request a crib to be added usually at no charge. Some hotels can accommodate a family of 5 but this is limited otherwise two rooms will be needed.

Fees for personnel items such as telephone calls, laundry, tips to baggage handlers are NOT included in your package along with sightseeing or excursions.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are accepted at most hotels and can be used at most destinations. Most hotels do have a currency exchange or you can go to a local bank. Mexico has passed a new law restricting the amount of US cash that Mexican banks, hotels and retail businesses can accept. The use of US credit cards is unaffected by this law.

Most hotels will have a safety deposit box in your room. Some are free but some hotels do have a daily charge for them. We strongly suggest that you put all your cash, jewelry, passports and any other valuable in the safe when you are not in the room. The hotels do not take responsibility for anything missing in your room.

What to Wear:

For Lost Items:

On Apple Assistance:

There is an Apple or Amstar professional representative at your hotel that you can go to with problems or concerns. They do have a desk and upon arrival you will be given the days and times that they are there. Most hotels have someone one there a daily basis. There is also a book on their desk with information in it for your use in case the rep is not there when you go see them. You can also book your excursions with the rep and they will also advise you about your transfers back to the hotel after your fantastic vacation.

Scheduling Flights:

Depending on your departure city Apple Vacationshas what they call VALUE FLIGHTS or in other terms charter flights. These flights are usually non-stop and are from certain cities are sometimes the only non-stop option. They also have convenient early morning departures and afternoon returns there by allowing you to enjoy more time at your resort or destination. Usually you will also get to check your first bag in for free. You can also reserve your seats for a small fee. On charter flights Apple Vacations does give you the option of buying a package called PREFERRED PERKS PLUS. This package includes: having a separate check- in line at the airport ticket counter thereby making your check in time shorter, access to the preferred security line at TSA security check point, you will have preferred boarding meaning you will be the first on and off the plane, preferred seating at the front of the plane usually including rows 1-6 depending on the air craft they are using and most seats have a 36” pitch, you will also be served a snack box and 2 standard alcoholic beverages per adult (21 and older) on each flight. Pricing for the services various according to your departure city and the airline they use. Usually it is $25.00 US in each direction per person but this subject to change.

Apple Vacations also sells seats on all the major scheduled airlines. Schedules airlines offer more flexibility in terms of departure cities and schedules. You may be booked on a NON-STOP flight meaning you get on at your departure city and get off at your destination. They also have DIRECT flights which mean that you get on at your departure city but the plane will make a stop somewhere but you do not have to get off the plane. They will just have passengers that will disembark or come on to the flight. On some trips you may be booked with having to changes planes somewhere. Sometimes willing to change planes can save you money. Also you do not have to have the same itinerary both ways. You can go on a non-stop and return on a direct or even change planes somewhere. This also works in reverse. Usually schedules airlines will charge you for baggage but most seat assignments are free unless you want to upgrade to certain seats like exit rows. Children under the age of two may fly for free but will be considered a lap child and will not have their own seat. They do have to be on the reservation and might have to pay a small tax.

Safety Tips:

Medication and Health Tips:

Many of the beaches and resorts will not have lifeguards so it is up to you to make sure your kids are safe. Water is a very fun thing but also can be very dangerous. Most resorts do have pool rules and certain hours that are open for your enjoyment. Scuba gear and aquatic equipment may not meet U.S. safety standards. Also balcony railing heights are lower then what is mandated in the U.S. so beware of the risk of falling which can result in serious injury. Water is safe to drink at the resorts public areas. The resorts do purify water for kitchen use, ice makers, drinks at the bars and restaurants. You can also request bottled water. However in your room we suggest you use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth since the water going to the rooms is usually not purified. We strongly advise that you use insect repellent especially during the rainy season. Some hotels might supply you with this in the evenings but you should be prepared in case they do not.

Procedures for Booking an Apple Vacation with Sun n Beach Travel:

Once we make the reservation we will email it to you for your approval. Please make sure that everything is correct, spelling of names, dates, and resort information. On the reservation Apple Vacations will advise us as to the date we have to make a deposit on the reservation to confirm it along with the amount of the deposit. This various depending on the air line you choose and their requirement along with a deposit for the hotel portion of your trip. It is usually within 24 hours of making the booking. If the deposit is not received by the required time Apple Vacation WILL automatically cancel the booking. Final payment is due 45 days prior to travel however if travel is within the 45 days usually full payment is due the day the booking is made. Traveling during the holiday season final payment is due by October 15.

Travel Insurance:

Once your vacation is paid in full Apple Vacations will email your documents to you within a couple of hours. Please print and take a copy of the documents with you so you have proof as to exactly what you have purchased.

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