If you are looking for an extravagant, and luxurious destination, La Romana may be the place for you. Playground to dignitaries, and celebrities from all over the world, La Romana is as upscale, and lush as anyone could ever imagine. While you’re here, why not spend your day out in the middle of the ocean deep sea fishing, or gofling at one of the four ranked championship eighteen hole golf courses? If you are looking for a unique destination, why look further than an destination that has been host to kings, and presidents, and bask in the same sun, on the same beaches as these world leaders? If you’re looking for shopping, La Romana has unique shopping destinations featuring Dominican crafts, and jewelry.
La Romana offers fantastic nightlife, world class restaurants, and a 5,000 seat outdoor ampitheatre, so you can watch a performance under the stars.

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